Zona Mrtvih (2007)   imdb   Play movie

a.k.a. ZONE OF THE DEAD (short)

Stay away or go to hell.

A suspenseful short movie made as a teaser to upcoming feature length first Serbian zombie movie - Zone of the Dead (2009).

While the apocalypse is near, the streets of Belgrade are filled with blood thirsty zombies. One girl is lost and being chased by ravenous creatures up for her blood. One strange religious vigilante will come to her rescue. But will he save her?

DIRECTED BY:Milan Todorović

MAIN CAST: Miodrag Krstović, Aleksandra Tomić

WRITTEN BY: Milan Todorović & Milan Konjević

PRODUCERS: Milan Todorović, Vukota Brajović

TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Horror / 3 mins / English language / Serbia