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The dead will walk… with a vengeance!

The following footage serves as a prologue to the upcoming
WRATH OF THE DEAD feature film.

In a rural part of Serbia an ancient force will raise the dead and unleash hell on Earth, and the only man who can stop the apocalypse of the living dead is renegade ex-CIA agent and enemy of the state, Mortimer Reyes.

And this is how it all starts...

When hell rises... pray he's on your side!

DIRECTED BY: Milan Todorović

MAIN CAST: Katarina Radivojević, Slobodan Stefanović

and Ken Foree (archive footage)

WRITTEN BY: Milan Todorović & Milan Konjević

PRODUCERS: Milan Todorović, Marko Jocić, Ken Foree

TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Horror / 3 mins / Serbia / 2014