Wrath of the Dead (2015)   imdb


When hell rises… Be glad he’s on your side!

The world’s most famous zombie killer - KEN FOREE will return to his award winning role of Mortimer Reyes to kick more zombie asses in the sequel to Zone of the Dead.

In a small Serbian town an isolated incident in the old prison will reveal the deadly secret about the walking dead. Now, the only who could stop the upcoming apocalypse of the living dead is the renegade ex-CIA agent, Mortimer Reyes, wanted by the police as enemy of the state. But when hell rises, they will be glad he's on their side!

One man will go to war for the survival of the humanity!

DIRECTED BY: Milan Konjević & Milan Todorović

MAIN CAST: Ken Foree, Natalie Burn, Dragan Mićanović,

Katarina Radivojević, Slobodan Stefanović, others TBC

SCREENPLAY BY: Barry Keating & Rich P. Matthews

STORY BY: Milan Todorović & Ken Foree

PRODUCERS: Loris Curci, Ken Foree, Milan Todorović, Vukota Brajović,

Marko Jocić

TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Action-Horror / English language

SALES AGENCY: Raven Banner

STATUS: Pre-production

Ken Foree explodes across the screen and always the guy you want on your side during an inevitable zombie apocalypse!”

Ken Foree gives his character a hard edge but still keeps him vulnerable – a truly stand out performance!”